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Is The IoT Solution For Your Fleet

Real-Time Tracking of Vehicles

Thanks to the this IoT solution, vehicles, driver devices, and office technology are connected in real-time which gives you precise visibility into your fleet.

  • Track vehicles and driver status in real-time
  • View vehicle location history with breadcrumb trails
  • Tracking system with meter-level precision
  • Reduce human error

Automated IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting

The solution calculates the distance your vehicles travel in each jurisdiction, while reducing the paper trip reports. It helps you stay compliant with IFTA and DOT regulations by showing the total interstate and intrastate mileage for your fleet.

  • Automatically calculate distance traveled by jurisdiction for each vehicle
  • Reduce audit risk by removing inconsistencies
  • Import fuel purchase data

IRP Report

Get your fleet metrics with just a few clicks. total distance per state for the desired date and vehicle. The IRP report generates distance records by the vehicle-tracking system for faster and easier calculation of the distance statistics per state.

  • Calculated distance by state
  • Total distance traveled by vehicle
  • Automated system readings

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Every day your fleet generates an enormous amount of information. Previously this information had to be collected manually resulting in a significant lag in time between when and issue occurred and when it could be corrected. However, IoT has ushered in an era where vehicles, driver devices, and office technology are connected in real-time. As a result, fleet managers can collect, analyze and understand all of the data from their fleet and act on it ASAP. Check if this is the IoT solution you need!