The only ELD / AOBRD app you need to manage your connected fleet.

Real-time insight from your connected fleet can make your life so much easier. Our ELD and AOBRD solution can guide you thru the electronic logging, IFTA reporting, GPS tracking, fleet management and much more!


Real-Time tracking

Good Deal GPS gives you real-time visibility into your connected fleet with GPS location tracking. With this smart solution, fleet managers can track their vehicles without having to call drivers while increasing productivity and efficiency reducing human error.

IFTA fuel tax reporting

Good Deal GPS helps automate IFTA fuel tax reporting. This IoT solution with the electronic logging devices calculates the distance your vehicles travel in each jurisdiction. Also, it reduces the administrative burden of collecting state mileage crossing from paper trip reports.

ELD Certified

GoodDealGPS is now listed as an approved ELD vendor on the FMCSA’s list of registered ELDs. GDELD1000 is a plug-&-play device. The system allows you to use an ELD or an AOBRD solution. Not only guarantees compliance, but it offers customers a powerful fleet management solution.

Electronic Logs



Good Deal GPS provides the most effective electronic logbook for Android and iOS. Good Deal GPS System and electronic logs are approved by FMCSA. Our electronic logging devices are trusted by motor carriers around USA.

Choose the package you prefer and see how much you can save now.

Electronic Logging Device Mandate


The ELD Mandate came into force since December 2019. If your fleet is not jet compliant, we are here to help you.

If you are still using paper logs and paper logbooks for HOS compliance, ASAP you need to find the best e-log provider for your fleet. Our e-log subscription goes as low as $18 a month that supports e-logs on Android and iPhone and includes all the functionalities like other high-price solutions.


Vehicles Tracked



Over 5,000 connected vehicles with Good Deal GPS.

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!
Let 2021 bring health, joy and happiness all around the world.
Happy holidays from all of us at GoodDealGPS.

2020 Top Green Fleets

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Who needs to comply to the ELD  Rule?

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