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Fleet Forward Conference Announces 2020 Dates

The Fleet Forward Conference is designed to educate fleet operators regarding all types of mobility solutions with the goal to create more efficient fleets, while providing the fleet industry thought leadership on the road to the future…

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FMCSA to Study Crimes against Minority Male and Female Truckers

Based on evidence it has accumulated that points to “a serious pattern of harassment- and assault-related crimes against female and minority male truckers,” the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced on Feb. 28 its intention to study the “prevalence, seriousness, and nature of the problem of harassment and assaults” against these drivers…

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3 Fleets Share Fuel-Saving Strategies

Sustainability and fuel savings strategies vary greatly depending on each fleet’s operations and applications. Some motor carriers may even need to adopt multiple strategies and specs for different parts of their fleet…

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