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Tips for Safer Winter Driving

Over 200,000 motor vehicle collisions a year occur in wintry conditions, and about 1,300 people are killed in car crashes on snowy or icy roads every year. Another 76,000 people are injured in traffic accidents during snowfall…

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Tips for Keeping Truck Brakes Tip-Top in Winter Weather

Commercial vehicle braking systems are vital to driver and highway safety year-round – but even more so in winter, when road and weather conditions across North America make it even more imperative to have properly maintained components at the wheel-ends…

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5 Ways to Reduce Drivers’ Holiday Stress

The holiday season usually means added stress for most of us. But for truck drivers, the holidays can take stress to an entirely different level. This is because stress has a compounding effect, meaning that multiple stresses stacked on top of each other impact our physical and mental health to a far greater degree than the sum of the individual stressors…

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Truckers Help Santa Deliver Christmas

Santa’s entire sleigh and reindeer team has been temporarily put out of service by “an overabundance of government regulations that defy common sense,” according to the Minnesota Trucking Association – but fear not, America’s truckers are there to help…

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ELD – 11 Things to Know to Stay Out of Trouble

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance recently confirmed that there will be no period of “soft enforcement” after Dec. 16. That’s when the two-year grace period to transition from automatic onboard electronic recording devices to ELDs ends…

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California Won’t Enforce Trailer GHG Rules for at Least Two Years

CARB stated in its Dec. 3 announcement that “this suspension of enforcement will, at a minimum, be in effect for model year 2020 and 2021 trailers manufactured before January 1, 2022.” The agency noted that it will provide at least six months’ written notice before it does begin enforcing the GHG trailer standards.

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