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Don’t Overlook Trailer Anchor Points

Open-deck or platform trailers are a cargo conveyance. But because those trailers are also the device to which the cargo is secured for transport, they in fact become part of the cargo securement system. The stake pockets, pipe spools, winch rails, chain pockets, etc., are all considered anchor points to which other securement devices are attached, such as chains and straps. While DOT officials say these trailer parts are seldom cited for violations, one can only imagine the risk and futility of chaining a steel coil to a cracked or damaged anchor point…

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FMCSA Looking at Wider Pilot to Study Allowing Younger Interstate Truck Drivers

UPDATED. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has not yet proposed a pre-rule let alone a rule to lower the age for interstate truck drivers, but the agency announced on May 14 that it’s seeking public comment on a “potential” pilot program that would allow drivers ages 18 to 20 to operate commercial motor vehicles in interstate commerce…

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How to Deal With the New Food Hauling Rules

Since last September, all truck operations that haul food for human or animal consumption have been required to comply with provisions of the Food and Drug Administration’s Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food rule. The rulemaking was required to satisfy aspects of the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011, which amounts to the largest reform to food safety in more than 70 years…

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Fleet Innovators 2019: Trucking’s Best and Brightest Leaders

Heavy Duty Trucking has been honoring forward-thinking fleet executives for almost 15 years now with our annual Truck Fleet Innovator Awards. This year’s winners are forward-thinkers, all of whom are helping by example to lead trucking by overcoming challenges and leveraging opportunities…

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72% of Commercial Drivers Admit to Distracted Driving

More than 90% of commercial drivers believe that reading a text while behind the wheel of their company vehicle is considered distracted driving, yet nearly half of those drivers say they have done it. The data comes from UFG Insurance who recently expanded its...

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