How to Change Current Duty Status

Watch the video tutorial to change current duty status

Follow this steps to edit a past duty status

Are you ready to start logging your hour of service with GoodDealGPS?  Follow the instructions below to start with changing your current duty status:

Step 1.

On the main Logs screen tap on the Current status bar.

Step 2.

Choose a status from the available options under the Duty status section.

If you are using the GoodDealGPS ELD module, you’ll not be able to manually change the duty status because all driving time is automatically recorded by the ELD.

Tap on Location field to select your current location. Enter Notes, like lunch break, inspection or something else. Tap Save to finish.

The current status bar will update to reflect the change. Your current duty status will also be reflected on today’s log-graph.

Signature is missing? Check the tutorial How to Sign Logs.