How to View your Violations

Watch the video tutorial to view violations

Follow this steps to view violations

GoodDealGPS alerts you on potential and active violations. Follow the instructions below to view the violations:

Step 1.

On the main Logs screen, the red exclamation icon, indicates that your log has a HOS violation or an Error. Tab the day you would like to view the violations.

Step 2.

The HOS Violations are listed below the log-graph. Tap on the violation to check the details.

Step 3.

The HOS Violations include:

  • Cycle Violations
  • Shift Violations
  • Driving Violations and
  • Break Violations.


Step 4.

A red exclamation icon on the main Logs screen indicates that your log may not only have an Hours of Service Violation but some Errors too.

From the main Logs screen, select the day you would like to check. A red exclamation on the Form tab indicates that you are missing information. The red text indicates the required information that is missing.

Step 5.

Tap on each text separately to enter the required information. Once all the fields are completed, text will change color. The red exclamation in the Form tab will disappear when all of the required items are completed.

Step 6.

If there are more red exclamations, on each tab, first you’ll have to enter the required information and then sign the log. Alert box appears if some required information is missing. Check each tab to marked with red exclamation to fix the errors.

Step 7.

When the other errors are fixed sign the log with your finger. Tab Save to save your signature.

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